About Us

Bloody Mary lovers rejoice! The evolution of the Bloody Mary is complete. Made from 100% USDA beef, Benny’s Original Beef Straws are the final chapter in the creation of the “Perfect” Bloody Mary. Since the Bloody Mary was first served in 1921, many changes have been made. These changes have all been relative only to individual recipe, and choice of garnishment. The plastic drinking straw has remained constant. Benny’s Original Beef Straws are a game changer. The addition of a Benny’s to a Bloody Mary takes the old plastic straw out of the equation. A Benny’s not only adds to the flavor of your favorite recipe, but the overall Bloody Mary experience is added to as well. A Bloody Mary soaked Benny’s is truly a taste of heaven.


During my 15+ years in the restaurant/bar business I’ve always loved trying new things to make people smile. One evening while bartending I was chatting with 2 customers. They had brought beef snack sticks with them to enjoy while having a couple of beers. Always hungry, I asked for one. While snacking on the stick, I thought to myself these would taste fantastic in a bloody mary! I began thinking of the best way to use it, and immediately thought it should be a straw instead of just a stick. As a straw, the bloody mary would be able to soak into the beef and be a juicy snack all the way through. Armed with this new idea, I started making them at home for my friends and family. Everyone loved them, and after some research I thought I should make these available for everyone. I hope my idea can add a bit of fun, and great taste to your bloody marys for years to come.

Ben Hirko


I am a transplant from the great State of Arizona to Iowa. I moved to Iowa in 1992 at age 20 and immediately fell in love with this State. I met my amazing wife Megan here in Iowa, and we are currently raising our 5 year old son, Luke, and our 2 year old daughter, Claire.  I’ve worked almost any job the restaurant world has to offer, from Dishwasher to Cook to Bartender to Restaurant Owner. Over the years I have met some of the best friends a person could ever hope to know, and without them, this would not be possible.  Hopefully the product will reflect the hard work, fun, and excitement that we feel surrounds this idea. Please remember that having fun with friends and family is what life is all about, and we hope that this product helps add some smiles, and a even more laughter to life’s gatherings.